Benefits of ABLE Membership

Unlock a world of exclusive benefits and opportunities with your ABLE membership. For just £80 per year for new members and £75 for current members, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources and connections that will elevate your professional growth. And if you’re part of a Multi-Academy Trust, enjoy a 10% discount when all of your academies sign up.
All prices are exclusive of VAT

With your ABLE membership, you’ll enjoy the following privileges:

Connect and Collaborate: Meet and engage with colleagues who share your passion for Educational Business Management. Share experiences, discuss topical issues, and build valuable connections that can enhance your professional journey.

Attend Premier Conferences: Immerse yourself in the world of education by attending three conferences per year, complete with delicious meals and refreshments. Be inspired by high-quality guest speakers and take part in engaging workshops that will broaden your horizons.

Exclusive Supplier Discounts: Gain access to various suppliers offering excellent discounts and free gifts. Take advantage of these exclusive deals to enhance your school or academy’s resources and operations.

Continued Professional Development (CPD): Expand your knowledge and skills with high-quality training from experienced trainers and organisations. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in HR, Finance, Risk Management, GDPR, Health and Safety, and Wellbeing.

Members-Only Website: Access a dedicated website area filled with valuable support and information to assist you in your educational endeavoursx. Stay informed, connect with fellow members, and stay updated on the latest resources and opportunities.

Partner Business Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on services from our esteemed partner businesses. Maximize your savings while accessing high-quality products and services.

ABLE Rewards App: Elevate your experience with our rewarding app. Collect points and redeem them for exciting prizes, adding an extra element of fun and motivation to your ABLE journey.

Pay As You Go Option: If you prefer flexibility, you can choose to pay as you go for conferences and business network training events. For just £75 per person per event, you can still access our enriching programs without the commitment of an annual membership.

Click on the links to view an example of our recent conference- ABLE Summer Conference Agenda 2022 and Summer Conference 2022 Speaker Bios and Workshop Details

How to Join:

To register for membership click the link below to complete an online form:

Membership is £80 per person and MATs will receive a 10% discount when all academies sign up.
Memberships can be shared with your colleagues at the same school or trust.
Prices are exclusive of VAT

If you have any questions please contact Emma Cripwell at