People Booster Well-being Support

ABLE are committed to providing our members with wellbeing support, so we asked our wellbeing partner Pam Burrows to set up some handy audio and video resources. Click on the links below to be guided through some easy techniques that will give you a little boost whenever you need it!

Audit your day (audio)

When your day has been busy, chaotic or challenging, take a few minutes to realise the good bits and let go of the rest. This audio will leave you feeling good, able to release your day and relax into the evening with a sense of satisfaction.

7-11 breathing technique (video)

Breathing is the fastest way to change the way you feel. Breathing longer and slower calms the mind and body, slows the heart rate, enables you to think clearer and let go of tension. This technique is good for reducing anxious feelings too.

Paper Boats (audio)

When you’re trying to unwind and switch off but thoughts, tasks and problems keep coming to mind, use Paper Boats to gradually come back to calm and let go of the tension. This is a good one to use before sleep, or any time of day.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation or PMR (audio)

If you’re new to relaxation, or just too wound up to focus purely on your breath, or you just know that all the tension is stuck in your body, this one is for you. In a guided technique, you will release each and every muscle of the body in turn. This technique has a powerful impact yet is very simple in practice.

JUST let go (audio)     JUST let go (video)

When something has really got your goat, someone has upset you or the day has just been one challenge after the other, you may well be gritting your teeth and feeling the strain in your shoulders. Here’s how to let it go with a technique you can use every day.

Grounding (audio)

When you’re all up in your head, feeling unbalanced, feeling like you don’t know which way is up and being affected by all the craziness around you, this Grounding technique will bring you back to solid ground, able to think more clearly and gain back a sense of control.

The Shield (audio)

Sometimes, even those we love dearly can affect us with their negative energy. The Shield technique helps you feel calm, safe and balanced, even when other people are distressed or aggressive. This is particularly good after you’ve had a challenging time and the incident keeps replaying in your mind or you can’t let go of the angry or upset feelings. You can also use it before a difficult situation, to help you feel safe and calm.

Talking to yourself (video)

What do you say to yourself when times are tough? Are you as supportive to yourself as you are to other people? This audio helps you consider some powerful ways to help you feel more able to handle life challenges.