Free ISBL Membership for all ABLE Members

ABLE is pleased to be working with the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) to offer all members access to the information and resources offered by our professional body (ISBL).

We recognise that the sector is undergoing notable change and that our members have asked for greater knowledge and information on professional development opportunities, emerging career options and wider insights into organisational growth.

Through the partnership with ISBL, our members can sign up to extend their current local/regional group benefits to receive the following ISBL membership benefits in addition to access to the website and a range of free resources:

  • ISBL member bulletins directly to their chosen email address – fortnightly, termly, and breaking news updates
  • Hard copies of the ISBL member magazine, per term, directly to their chosen address
  • Access to ISBL PlatformEd community area – normally only available to full members
  • Access to ISBL news headlines and blogs
  • Opportunity to participate or feed into ISBL consultations with the Government

These benefits are offered at no additional cost to our members as they are being supported by a small contribution by the group but also heavily funded by ISBL and Barker Associates.

ISBL and Barker Associates do not want practitioners to have to choose whether to be a member of either their local group or their professional body as both are essential in supporting professionals as they navigate the changing sector requirements and personal opportunities.

What to do next?

You must opt in to receive these additional benefits in order that you have agreed for your information to be used by ISBL, and you can select what personal data is shared.

Please register below- this information will be shared with ISBL in order for them to provide access to the membership benefits above.

All you will be required to share is your contact information so that ISBL can send you their e-bulletins and hard copies of their membership magazine.

You are signing up to receive the outlined benefits for 12 months from the date you register.

During the pilot, we expect to contact our members using the additional benefits to evaluate the joint membership offer and reach a decision as to whether the pilot is extended.