ABLE Virtual Conference June 2020

In place of our Summer Conference in June, we have worked closely with our partners and some of your favourite speakers to put together some content you can dip into at your convenience.

Partner Updates

Click the links below to download the presentations from our partner’s Schools Advisory Service(SAS) and SAAF Education:

Creating a Whole School Well-being Culture by SAS

Score Top Marks in your next Internal Audit by SAAF Education 

Hello from all at Breedon, view the video below…

Your Well-being 

We have commissioned Pam Burrows to put together a series of videos and supporting worksheets designed specifically to address your well-being during these difficult times. 

The CARE model of well-being series produced for ABLE by Pam Burrows, the People Booster

Introduction video

Supporting PDF

C for Compassion Video

Supporting PDF

A for Acknowledge Video

Supporting PDF

R for Reality Video

Supporting PDF

E for Energy Video 

Supporting PDF

Stress Video

Supporting PDF

Coping with Covid 1 (applying CARE)

Supporting PDF

Coping with Covid 2 (BPS Model)

Closing thoughts and what’s next

Supporting PDF